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Introducerade sedan ACT! 2004 (Version 6)

2005 (Version 7)

Attach documents To activities, notes, and history
Calendars 5 Views and global event view
Companies Link multiple contacts to an single Company entity
Contact List View Export lookup to Excel
Contact Views Access to specific contacts defined by rules (limited access)
Customization New field types-Picture/Yes-No/Email/URL, field drop-down with multi-select option, dropdown shared by multiple fields
Email Add ACT database as an Outlook Address book, email address verification and correction while processing mail merge
Groups Group hierarchy views for up to 14 subgroups, dynamic group membership rules, contact scheduling from group
Lookup Save lookup as a group
Notes and History Separate tabs; Shared between/among multiple contacts
Opportunities List view, Lookups, Quote from opportunity, Graphical sales pipeline report, edit/import product list
Secondary Contacts Tab Add unlimited secondary contacts associated to main contact
Security Five security levels for users make notes/histories/opportunities private
Spell-check Notes, Histories and Emails
Synchronization Query-based sync
Tabs Separate Notes and History tabs
Text formatting change/add colors, bullets, graphics, URL links in notes, histories and activities

2006 (Version 8)

ACT! Scheduler Schedule sync for remote users based on specific date, time and frequency; Schedule backup based on specific date, time and frequency even if database is in use or closed on Server.
Administration Automatic database backup and sync
Contact Access Grant contact access en masse if utilizing limited access features for users.
Contact Detail View View all group associations for contact and add/remote contact from group or company at contact level
Contact List View Link contacts to a company en masse, hyperlink companies to contacts
Contacts View team membership
Customization Edit/create new opportunity field names, more field types
Email Integration with Outlook, Outlook Express, Lotus Notes
Groups & Companies Tree views for Groups and Companies
Implementation Silent Install; Citrix® and Terminal Services Supported
Lookup Find contacts by user or team access
Mobile Support Blackberry sync
Security Improvements Support for non-local machine Administrators , improved sync data security, customized user rights to define sync sets, delete, etc.
Synchronization Sync attachments tied to contacts or companies for remote users utilizing defined sync sets

2007 (Version 9)

Advanced Keyword Search Lookup key words in fields, notes, histories & zoom to exact location of the search result in a contact, group or company view.
Customization Specify linked contact and company fields, create field-level security (read only and no access options),
Fields Update company field’s data linked to contact fields
Lookup Lookup Indicator, last email field lookup option added
Maintenance Schedule to automatically run based on specific date, time and frequency
Network Support for network load balancing to maintain optimal performance in multi-server environments
Notes tab Split note preview in contact detail view
Outlook Integration Create an ACT history of emails sent to contact, send an Outlook email from contact view, create an ACT contact from an Outlook message, sync ACT Calendar to Outlook Calendar -manually or automatically, attach an Outlook email to any ACT contact history, define ACT history type when attaching Outlook email to a contact
Query Edit or copy an existing saved query
Security Password expiration options, password complexity rules and password reuse limitation, define security level en masse for notes, history, and opportunities

2008 (Version 10)

ACT Premium for Web Improvements Activity Series Support, Duplicate checking for groups and companies, ACT Dashboard Views and Group and Companies; Tree views shown
Advanced Queries Run in groups and companies
Advanced Query “Does not Contain” query filter added
Calendar One click calendar copy, improved printing options, visibility improved
Compatibility Vista and Office 2007
Contact List View Now allows for field editing in a cell by cell methodology
Customization Opportunity fields now support dates, company field label new editable
Dashboards Reporting in graphical views in dashboards format, ACT Premium Dashboards show Team data
Documents Tab Associate a local or network document to a contact with shortcut
Duplicate Checking Check by first name/last name and in companies and groups
Opportunities Link to multiple contacts, user edit for product cost manually, naming of Opportunity optional
Outlook Integration Use Word as email editor, user option to make an email private when attached to ACT Contact, attach emails en masse to a contact
Synchronization Group and company record limitations, improved sync set options, suspend sync option for remote users feature, improved remote database deployment
Tables Design and view tables in Contacts, Groups and Companies (third party add-in needed to design table)

2009 (Version 11)

Attachments Ability to mouse over an attachment icon and see details of attachment (type, creation date, etc.)
Backup Option to exclude attachments from database backups (smaller backup file)
Backup Automated backups with option to specify default location for backup files
Calendar Popup displays an activity scheduled for multiple contacts, activity alarm shows both contact & company, “Go To (contact)” option in alarm works with single or multiple contacts (create lookup for multiple)
Customization Ability to edit “Regarding” dropdown list when recording a history
History Icon on Toolbar Add to all ACT views
Installation Streamlined installation using typical or custom options
Lookup View “Previous Lookup”
Mail Merge Recalls last used options (template, merge list, etc.)
New System Field Types Two new system fields, import date of contact record and Is Imported (fields of data at import)
Opportunity New filtering options
OS Support 64 bit Windows Versions
Relationship Tab Associate contact to contact without the use of groups or companies
Synchronization Improved user synchronization progress view, improved deployment or remote databases

2010 (Version 12)

ACT Mobile Live View ACT data on mobile devices using ACT Mobile Live (fee based)
ACT Premium for the Web Mail Merge with Word enabled, sales opportunities create Word based quotes
Contact Detail View Welcome page, simplified navigation, improved Nav Bar on left panel, consolidated menus, big easy button bar,
Currency At database creation specify currency type to be used within database
Customization Create unlimited custom opportunity fields/dropdowns
Dashboards New Dashboards
Data access New OLEDB Provider – allows enhanced reporting from outside of ACT, data from groups/company membership and activities data
iCalendar Users can send calendar invites via iCalendar format, enhances calendar options in Outlook and ACT to import invites sent by email to ACT user.
Marketing Tab ACT E-marketing feature added-email marketing from within ACT, automatic contact history recorded, statistical results of marketing campaigns sent to user by email, email surveys, drip marketing campaigns
Opportunities Attach notes/histories/activities/documents, create opportunity without link to any ACT entity, create custom tables for Opportunities (third party design tool required), customize product detail view, and limit access to opportunity using limited access rules
Reports 13 new report templates, streamlined reports view with Favorites option
Synchronization Remote database creation modified to support creation of up to 50 remotes at once
Usability Instant search access from any view, contact list view appears after lookup, set color scheme preference,
Vcard Create a Vcard from ACT contact data, send Vcard info to others via Outlook email
Web Info tab Contact website viewing, social networking integration

2011 (Version 13)

Business Info Tab See Web based information on Contacts and Companies provided by Hoovers (D&B Company), purchase marketing lists based on specific demographics (fee based), import list directly into ACT after purchase.
Compatibility MS Windows® 7 & MS Office 2010
History Tab Filter added for filtering by history type
Import Data import from Excel, adds ability to create new fields on the fly, also synonym mapping of field names
Keyword Search Option to include ALL record types
Outlook True Outlook Integration of contacts, mail, calendaring and scheduling, full contact and calendar sync in Premium Workgroups and Web versions, improved security in email attach feature
Security Improved security during backup and attachments saves
Smart Tasks Workflow feature for routine task automation
Task List Location column option added to view
Usability Redesigned Welcome Page, Toolbar Enhancements-Back and Forward Buttons, faster database creation

2012 (Version 14)

ACT E-Marketing Social Networking integration included
ACT Hosting Provided by ACT (fee based)
ACT Premium Web Database Administrator tasks now available in this version. Includes managing users, setting passwords, managing teams and locking/unlocking database
ACT! Scratchpad Convenient, desktop based virtual notepad with task import to ACT option
Compatibility Internet Explorer® 9 and Firefox 4 (MAC or PC) supported in all version of ACT and ACT Mobile products
Connections Nav Bar Learn about ACT Connected Services in one place (fee based)
Google Integration Gmail Integration as email client, Gmail Contacts and Calendar synchronization with customizable sync options
Import Import Wizard provides details of successful and failed imports, gives an option to quickly cancel import if needed.
Installation Improved installation wizard which shows exact install times and components installed during the process
Mobile Device Access ACT Premium: Sage ACT! Premium Mobile available at no charge (installation of feature required) ACT Pro: ACT! Connect (fee based) provides access to contacts and calendars from anywhere
Office Integration User is prompted when Outlook integration fails due to installed 64 bit Office.
Open Database Wizard Improved prompts when opening and sharing databases, wizard shows all databases attached to local SQL instance and most recently used databases, allows database sharing to be enabled, option to open database not installed on local hard drive.
Security Provides Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) when using Sage ACT! Premium (access via web) feature and Google Sync feature
Universal Search Search entire database for keyword or phrase, filter options to narrow global search parameters

2013 (Version 15)

ACT! Premium Mobile
Now supports opportunities in contact view
Installation Improvement in ACT installation make is simpler and easier than ever!
Mobile Access Support Android Browser (through V. 4); iPad and iPhone Safari (through V. IOS 4 & IOS)
Smart Tasks Can be run automatically without User login and has data/field triggers which will run Smart tasks without User intervention.
Social Networking Updates Viewable in ACT Contact via Web Info Tab. User can view contacts last 25 posts in LinkedIn and Facebook!

2014 (Version 16 includes 16.1 and 16.2 feature packs)

ACT! Premium Mobile View groups or companies in a mobile contact view. And, even send an email to all contact in a group or company from your mobile devices. This extends the mobile user’s experience to other major entities in an ACT database.
ACT! Premium Mobile User can send an email from ACT Premium Mobile contact view. A simple way to avoid multiple messages from devices.
ACT! Premium Mobile Mobile tablet users can now scroll through ACT list views with filtering options. This feature makes viewing contacts in a tablet device easier and much more convenient.
ACT! Premium Web Administrative level users can now manage fields and layout design right from a browser Window. This give the Hosted ACT User ability to make a quick edit into a field or the layout view from a mobile device.
ACT! Premium Web ACT has improved Google Chrome Browser interface. Many of the previous limitations have been removed, giving the ACT user another option to access their data via ACT Premium Web interface (especially for Apple device users).
Calculated Fields Perform field calculations automatically. A result from a math calculations appears in a field using data from other standard or custom fields.
Companies Feature Enhancements Automatically creates a new company record when the first contact is created. It also automatically links existing and new contacts to a company record. This feature creates a consolidated view of all notes, histories and activities of all contacts associated with a company in a single company record view.
History List View This view allows the user to see completed activities and other contact record changes from a single tab in the contact record. It will increase the ACT user’s productivity by allowing the user to see a customer’s activity timeline, export the contact historical data (like Excel) and schedule a global follow-up, all from a single tab view in ACT.
Usability & System Improvements The new ACT Scheduler Notification option is designed to notify users of the success or failure of system events like backups and sync. The notifications are based on User defined rules. Users are notified via email of major system events that can effect user productivity and allow management to respond quickly to incomplete automated maintenance tasks.
Usability & System Improvements Users can now reschedule multiple activities at once. This provides greater efficiency in scheduling activities, especially when a user is removed from ACT access but their scheduled tasks need to be reassigned to another user.
Usability & System Improvements The Universal Search feature has been improved to allow for creation of a lookup of contacts resulting for a search. This allows the user to take action on the search result quickly and efficiently.
ACT Connect Service Replacement Replaced by ACT Add-On Handheld Contact. Special pricing for ACT Users. Discounted pricing for ACT Business Care customers. Contact ACT or ACT Certified Consultant for details.
16.1 Update
Service Pack Updates This release addresses issues that users have requested and focuses on staying current with technology trends – including improvements to user preferences, fixes for import/export formatting issues, and navigation bar actions.
NEW FEATURE! New ACT! emarketing Service (AEM)

(paid subscription required)

Create, send, and track professional, eye-catching eMarketing campaigns that reach customers and prospects with the right message at the right time. ACT User knows who to follow up with first with intelligent, prioritized Call Lists. All these functions available from within ACT. No need to log into a separate eMarketing site. AEM creates a history of eMarketing messages sent to the Contact Record History tab.
NEW FEATURE! Integrated ACT Marketplace The Act! Marketplace is now accessible directly through Act! v16.1. Easily access a variety of apps that help extend the power and possibilities of Act! – including dozens of premium apps for integrated accounting, data management and reporting, plus, exclusive discounts for Business Care members.
NEW FEATURE! Plug In Manager Easily maintain your Act! add-ons, find new ones, and view your Business Care plan with the Plug-In Manager in v16.1. The Plug-In Manager can be accessed through the Tools menu in Act!.
NEW FEATURE! Timeline View your interaction with Contacts in an interactive Timeline. See all interaction – meetings, calls and more in a single view in contact record view. Has filtering for both time frame and type of items to show (activities and opportunities).
NEW FEATURE! Lead Capture*

*Requires ACT Emarketing Service Subscription

With new ACT Emarketing Service available with ACT 16.1 feature update, create webforms to capture leads from web pages, newsletters, emails and more. When leads are captures, they are automatically sent to an ACT Group for easy organization of these leads in ACT!
16.2 Update
Service Pack Updates This release addresses issues that users have requested. ACT defects addressed include sync to Google accounts, ACT Mobile time zone issue, New ACT Emarketing AEM Service fixes, memory issues, timeout issues, APFW issues and other user requested adjustments
Other Changes
ACT Connect Mobile Service ACT Connect Service is discontinued. Replaced by Handheld Contact Service (HHC) which is long time ACT Add-on Partner. HHC provides cloud based sync for ACT data (contacts, companies, opportunities, notes, histories, activities, etc.) into a local app on Apple or Android smart phones or pads.

ACT Version 17

ACT Premium, Pro and Web versions Now sports a fresh new look throughout the product. New Welcome page, new icons, new layouts, and new integrated ACT Marketplace for ACT Add-on tools and enhanced ACT feature solutions.
ACT Premium, Pro and Web versions Now allow Administrators to set and share global user preferences. A single set of user preferences can be shared among all ACT users without the need for individual user preferences on each user’s workstation or laptop.
ACT Premium, Pro and Web versions The new “hide users” administrative feature hides inactive ACT users from report filters, view filters, dropdowns, scheduling wizards, etc.
ACT Premium, Pro and Web versions The new “Browse only” ACT User feature allows up to 10 ACT Pro additional users and unlimited ACT Premium and Premium Web users to view an ACT database. “Browse only” users can search and view data in the database but cannot make changes, edits, or data exports.
ACT Premium and Web versions Other new ACT Administrative Tools improve ACT system configuration and greatly improve silent installs.
ACT Premium, Pro and Web versions Users can now send (push) ACT Contacts and Activities to Outlook Contacts list and Calendars (one way) with a manual command or automated sync.
ACT Premium, Pro and Web versions ACT Emarketing Service (AEM) now has an updated console view which includes a dashboard which shows eMarketing campaign results with call lists New, useful icons and shortcuts help users manage individual and Team Emarketing efforts.
ACT Premium, Pro and Web versions ACT Emarketing Service (AEM) now includes a free AEM Basic User account with the purchase of an ACT software license with a BusinessCare subscription. The AEM Basic account allows the user to send unlimited Marketing emails to 500 contacts per month!
ACT Premium, Pro and Web versions ACT Emarketing Service (AEM ) now integrates with the existing ACT Smart Tasks feature. AEM-Smart Task automation can generate a follow-up email to a key ACT user when an activity is completed or automatically incorporate key ACT contact information into the database that was provided by completed ACT Web Form response.
ACT Premium, Pro and Web versions ACT Emarketing Service (AEM) now includes TEAM accounts. Team members can share a single AEM account. Team members can view Emarketing campaign results, call lists, and other useful information in a single AEM Team based dashboard.
ACT Premium, Pro and Web versions ACT Emarketing Service (AEM) discounts are given to active BusinessCare subscribers for the life of their BusinessCare subscriptions.
ACT Premium, Pro and Web versions ACT now integrates with online storage services like Dropbox, iCloud, and other cloud based storage providers.
ACT Premium, Pro and Web versions New enhancements have been made to the ACT Timeline Feature that was introduced in the ACT 16.1 Service Pack.
ACT Premium, Pro and Web versions New enhancements have been made to the ACT Web Forms Feature that was introduced in the ACT 16.1 Service Pack.
ACT Premium, Pro, Web & Mobile versions Now Internet Explorer V11 Compatible
ACT Premium and Web versions Improvements have been made to the ACT contact access feature which limits user access to newly created contacts. Access to newly created contacts can now be determined by automated process using ACT Smart Tasks functionality.
ACT Premium Web Create and distribute remote databases and offline clients directly from the online ACT Premium Web interface
ACT Premium Web Allows for the import new contacts seamlessly using CSV files on ACT Premium Web connected system.
ACT Premium Mobile Attach photos to Contact history!
ACT Premium Mobile New icons and layout (view)
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