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Stonefield Query for ACT!® is a user-friendly database report writing, query, and data mining tool designed specifically for ACT!

Now you can put Business Intelligence reporting in the hands of the end-user where it belongs.

Stonefield Query has been customized specifically for ACT! giving you an intuitive, easy-to-use BI reporting solution that you will love! ACT People

Stonefield Query has all of the built-in Features you expect in an enterprise reporting solution including a Report Scheduler, Role-based Security, Report Templates, Drill Downs, Exclusion/Inclusion Filters, Emailed Reports, Customizable SQL Select, Advanced Report Designer and Multiple Output Options.

Now your sales people, administrative staff, and management can take advantage of the wealth of information stored in your ACT! system when they need it.

You can create elegant and persuasive Quick Reports, Charts/Graphs, Cross-Tabulation Reports and Labels (mailing, barcode, etc) in minutes with little or no technical knowledge. No more waiting for the already overburdened IT or report developers to build reports on their timetable.

ACT! Specific Features

* Works with the following ACT! versions: 3.0, 4.0, 2000 (5.0), 2004 (6.0), 2005 (7.0), 2006 (8.0), 2007 (9.0), 2008 (10.0), 2009 (11.0, 11.1), 2010 (12.0) and 2011 (13.0)

* Automatically detects custom fields and custom sub-entities, and allows reporting on these items just like the stock ACT! tables and fields

* Includes more than 160 pre-defined Sample Reports

* Use Stonefield Query to create new and update existing ACT! Groups using any filter criteria

* Multi-Database Support: A single report can be run against each of your ACT! databases without making changes to the report

* Data can be pulled from anywhere in ACT!, including Activities, Sales/Opportunities and Notes/History

* Can report on Swiftpage and QuoteWerks data stored in ACT!

Stonefield Query Advantage

When you use the award-winning Stonefield Query BI reporting tool for ACT!, you provide your staff with an easy-to-use solution from an industry leader. You can:

* Increase productivity throughout your organization.

* Reduce your support costs

* Uncover opportunities in your ACT! system

Ease of Use

Unlike generic report writers, Stonefield Query has been customized specifically for ACT! You don’t have to tell Stonefield Query how to get the data; you simply tell it what you want and it will figure out how to get it. Everyone in the organization from the President to the receptionist can use Stonefield Query for ACT! Stonefield Query saves technical staff time and alleviates the burden of creating every query and report an end-user could ever think of.


With generic report writers you are responsible for laying out fields, adjusting sizes and headings manually. Stonefield Query automatically places fields and headings on the report and sizes them appropriately. You can create a report in Stonefield Query in just seconds with only a few mouse clicks. Grouping, sorting, totaling fields, and filtering are as simple as selecting the desired option from a list.


Stonefield Query uses SQL SELECT statements to retrieve records from the database, so only those records that match the filter are accessed. This can have an enormous impact on the performance of the query. For example, one Stonefield Query user told us that a report they created in Crystal Reports takes over 25 minutes to run, but the same report in Stonefield Query takes just 15 seconds. That’s 100 times faster.


Stonefield Query supports role-based security at the field, table and report level. This means you can control access to any information stored in your ACT! system. Restrict access to custom fields and other sensitive information in a few mouse clicks.


Stonefield Query fulfills a valuable need every organization has: the access to information. More importantly, it allows the people who need the information the most, the ability to get it themselves. In most cases, the cost of a single Crystal report is more expensive than Stonefield Query. Stonefield Query delivers a fast return on investment.

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